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On LED lighting

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 In this discussion from the ECO:nomics conference, panelist talk about how LEDs will transform the lighting industry.

Alan E. Salzman is the chief executive officer and managing partner at VantagePoint Capital Partners.


On the prospects for wind power

The sea change that will come in wind is when you've got storage capabilities to deal with some of the intermittency. That will greatly firm up the pricing of wind and add to its ability to be an effective energy source. Storage is one of the breakthrough areas where you're going to see very valuable and important companies, because there's just a gigantic need. You'll see significant deployments of cost-effective utility-scale storage this decade.


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Alan E. Salzman

On LED lighting

By 2020, you're not going to be able to buy a light source other than an LED. You're on a learning curve of cost reduction, quality improvement and efficacy improvement. Today, 2013, is the first year you're going to be able to buy an exact clone of a regular 60-watt incandescent bulb at a reasonable price point—meaning a one-year payback to consumers. This year it's a $10 product. We're looking at it being a $5 product within 24 months, $2.50 within 48 months. So, by the time you get to 2020, it would be the equivalent cost to today's regular light bulb, last 25 years and use 85% less energy.

But probably the more interesting thing is, after you digitize the light socket and you switch to LEDs, there's a second and third wave coming. Changing the color temperature. Changing the ambience of the room. Being able to integrate other functionality—it's your Wi-Fi hot spot, it's your alarm system because it detects presence coming into the room. You've got a raft of functionality that just has to be integrated into the bulb itself.

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